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5 Trending Goods and Services in 2017

With the rapidly advancing world of technology and global communication, there are more successful businesses selling a wider variety of products than at any time in the history of the world.

Here are five of the hottest trending goods and services this year.

1. Software On Demand. Otherwise referred to as software as a service (SAAS), this model consists of software that is centrally hosted software is licensed and delivered to clients and customers on a subscription basis. Microsoft was the real frontrunner with this concept, offering software plus services for a time.

Why would people be interested in subscribing to a software service instead of purchasing it outright and hosting it themselves? Well, the world of cloud computing makes it easier for businesses to keep up with the constant evolution/upgrades/reinventing of software. Because of the rapid changes of this technology, it makes more sense, financially and logistically, to subscribe to a software service rather than purchasing upgraded versions over and over again to keep up with the Joneses.

2. Solar Energy. The harnessing of the sun’s energy for electrical power is skyrocketing. The number of people who invest in home solar panels continues to soar. What’s more, there are more than a quarter million people who are employed in the solar energy industry, which is more than twice the amount just five years ago.

Solar panels cost less to produce than they ever have, which means they are more affordable than ever for the consumer. It doesn’t look like the demand or need for clean energy is going to slow down at all, so look for solar goods and services to continue to boom.

3. Wellness Products. Like clean energy, the industry of safe, natural, and effective products continues to grow. Consumers are more educated now that ever, and they want better alternatives than the junk that sits on grocery store shelves.

This is why companies like Melaleuca.com, which manufactures over 500 health and wellness products, are thriving in the marketplace. Products made by Melaleuca contain higher-quality ingredients, are ultra-concentrated, and reasonably priced. Melaleuca products don’t contain harsh chemicals or dangerous toxins, so they are not only safe for families, but for the environment as well. Other companies, like the Honest Company and Seventh Generation, are also enjoying market success thanks to their commitment to physical health and wellness.

4. Drones. What started out as a fad concept appears to have become ubiquitous almost overnight. Drones are no longer a personal hobby. They are used to entertain (as in the case of the most recent Olympic Games opening ceremonies), to educate, to study the natural world, to defend air space, and more.

Amazon has even been toying with the idea of using drones to speed up home deliveries. Don’t be surprised if drones become a part of your daily routine before the decade is over.

5. Over-The-Top Programming. Cable is dying, friends. More and more Americans, sick of the unwanted, over-priced bundles and packages they’ve been forced to put up with for so long, are joining the chord-cutting ranks every day. Amazon, Netflix, Sling TV, and more services are making it cheap and affordable for viewers to pick and choose only the entertainment they are interested in.

This is the future of the way people consumer content, and media companies are fully aware of the fact. Giants like ESPN, and its parent company, Disney, are frantically retooling their strategies to retain and attract as many viewers as they can. It’s very possible that traditional cable as we know it may disappear entirely within a few short years.