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How to get through the cold, dry winter

Winter weather can be a nightmare on your body, with cold temperatures and dryness sucking the life out of your skin. Here are 5 ways to battle the bite of Old Man Winter.

1. Use a humidifier. This may be the most important tip to follow during the winter. At night, the dry air can lead to lung problems and coughs, or at least difficulty breathing. It can also dry out and crack your skin. Sleeping with a humidifier on in your room can greatly reduce the negative effects of the dry, cold winter air.
2. Bundle up. Layers are key. It’s all about having the flexibility to get warmer or stay cooler easily. If you are going out, make sure you protect all of your body from head to toe. We’re talking hats, earmuffs, scarves, coats, mittens, warm pants, and boots.
3. Lotion up. How often do you come in from the cold only to find that your hands are cracked and dry? It gets even worse after you wash your hand in water, removing the body’s natural protective oils. Look for a good brand of lotion, like the one that beat out the nation’s number one dermatologist-recommended brand in a filed test in Canada. Learn more at http://renewlotion.com/.
4. Eat well. This may seem obvious, or maybe not so obvious. But having the right nutrition is very important during winter months when the threat of flu, cold, fever, and pneumonia is extremely high. You can arm your body’s immune system by eating healthy, taking vitamins and supplements, and drinking lots of water.
5. Stay indoors. Really, the best way to get through winter weather unscathed is to avoid it. Try not to go outside unless you have too. Staying indoors with a lot of other people may increase the risk of catching the cold or flu, but it beats risking the sub-zero temperatures, icy conditions, and scary roads.